The Book

This is a story about how one man found his whole self by losing half of himself…

This book is the account of my journey from being an almost 500-lb man to the man that I am today. Many of us live life thinking that most foods are good for us. The truth of the matter is, we need to make changes in our thinking and to understand that, over time, many things are not. We live in a world where the food industry sells items that may be tasty to our palettes, but bad for our health.

In this book, I will outline how I got to the point of almost self-destruction …from things I didn’t care about to the things I didn’t know. I will also reveal the not-so-pretty ventures such as stealing from an employer for years and becoming an extremely popular “street pharmaceutical rep” along the way. Fortunately, I’ve risen above these undesirable acts that would have destroyed not only me, but also my family.

There were countless ways that I tried to get healthy by using various diet plans. Many people who were a big part of my life tried to help me on my journey. The toughest part was getting to that halfway point. It needs to be understood that although at 240 pounds, I’m still overweight and have a long way to go.   According to the Ideal Height and Weight Chart-Body Mass Index (BMI), a man of my height, 5’7”, needs to be in the area of 180-190 lbs at most. My goal is to be in the range of 200-220 pounds.

You will soon see my lifestyle stages that got me to this overweight point. The mindset that was given to me when I was a kid, as most of us have today, is that we were young and we’d be able to burn off excess calories. In fact, most African-American children, I presume, had this same mindset. It’s what we affectionately referred to as “soul food”, food for our souls.  In our homes, soul food was considered to be something good for our bodies. It was the way our parents were fed and their parents before them, for many generations since slavery. Today, I believe it is just our American culture, no matter what race, to indulge in overeating and eating foods that are not good for optimum health.  We HAVE to take a closer look at the things we are eating and how it is literally killing us. We must learn to EAT TO LIVE, not LIVE TO EAT!

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