About Marlowe

Marlowe Whitlow is the epitome of the title of this book, Half The Man he was, Through trials and tribulations, countless diet plans, and eventually hard work (outs) and determination, he was able to lose over half of his body weight which was just shy of 500 pounds. His positive attitude and never-ending drive has helped to change the lives of countless people in his community and around the country.

After years of sharing his story, he was convinced by a longtime friend and classmate to write a book about his life’s journey. Marlowe, holding nothing back, from being a drug dealer to his brush with death, is open and honest about his past, which directly relates to his present and future.

Currently, as a certified personal trainer and a gym manager, he mentors people in showing how they can live longer healthier lives. This book will make the reader think about making better food, and possibly better life choices in order to be and stay healthy.